QR code – How to find out your test result

How the QR codes work

After your Corona test at COVID TestCenter, you will receive a small card with 2 different QR codes. These are clearly distinguishable from each other by their title: Corona-Befund.de and Corona-Warn-App.

Below we explain how to easily use these codes to find out the result of your Corona test.


  1. Scan your QR code with your smartphone.
  2. You will automatically be redirected to the website corona-befund.de.
  3. Your GUID is already filled in.
  4. Enter your “Geburtsdatum” (=date of birth).
  5. Click „Ergebnis anzeigen“ (=show result).
    If your result is available, it will be displayed.


  1. Install the Corona Warning app on your mobile device (for Android-Smartphones at Google Play, for iPhones at Apple App Store)
  2. Open the app.
  3. Click „Informieren & helfen“ (=info & help)
  4. Click „Weiter“ after in the info screen (=next).
  5. Click „Dokument mit QR-Code“ (=document with QR code)
  6. Allow privacy „erlauben“
  7. Scan your QR code for the Corona warning app.
  8. As soon as your result is available, it will be displayed in the app.